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 Our toolbox: the esoteric material!

Beyond partnerships with our equipment rental companies, we have a set of scientific equipment specially adapted for our field missions:

Several signal generators controlled by PC (from DC to over 4GHz of -120dBm to + 23dBm)
Various broadband amplifiers (low noise or high power) and artificial network (LISN)
Directional coupler, RF attenuators and probes up to 10GHz
Antennas games (Monopoly, frame, Log-Periodic, Vivaldi, reference Dipoles) and near-field probes
Oscilloscopes and Recorders (with HT probe 10kV)
Analyzers high-frequency spectrum
Large set of filters and electromagnetic shielding
Time Domain Reflectometry analyzer (characterization & accurate detection of faults on cables energy, IT and coaxial)
Energy network analyzer single / three-phase (U, I, P, Q, S, cos, THD, ...) and standard measuring instruments
Simulation software for various electrical, electronic and electromagnetic on laptop
We also have a space dedicated to the development of equipments & prototypes.

Finally, our privileged relationship with leading laboratories enable us to provide effective support and ensure the project management when the certification is required.


Think about it! Some technical assistance missions can be coupled with training. You are well trained in your environment, your equipment, and process of a real case.

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