customized electrical engineering

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◊ Steering industrial project

   Assistance or direct control of electronic or electrical dominant project

   Support R&D (Electrical compliance & E.MC.)


◊ Study

  - Production Unit Optimization, reliability study circuits, dependability study, process maintainability studies, study architecture specific instrumentation networks

  - High-level lightning protection study, EMC protection and IEMN study, modeling and optimization of cabling and wiring harnesses (vs EMC) screening study (including industrial energy networks in the presence of harmonics )

  - Supply and energy reliability study on embedded system or strategic facilities (data center, military, research)

  - Availability study electrical and communication facilities under seismic or vibratory stresses

  - Numérical simulation of Magnetic & Electric Field 


◊ Special design

   Design and manufacture of test benches, prototypes and development solutions

   Study and design of electronic or electrical systems tailored


◊ Measurement

   Analyzes malfunctions and defining solutions

   Electrical measurements HV, LV: from continuous to micro waves


◊ Expertises & Inspections

    Following a disaster or dispute systems (electrical or electronic circuits)

    Third party inspections and validation of acceptance tests


◊ Training

   - Tailor made

   - Standard (lightning protection, EMC, harmonics, disturbance; Immunity EM maps and harnesses; Reliability circuits, power supplies and communications)



Civil or military, traditional or industrial environments: contact us!



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